Introducing: Ned Roberts

Ned RobertsIf we manage to sneak a final, precious afternoon of autumn sun, before winter descends onto us with frosty chill and garish Christmas decorations, take an hour to lie on your back in a park or field and listen to Ned Roberts new album, Outside My Mind. His gentle voice, and country and folk-infused songs will evoke warm autumnal thoughts, with harkings of Bob Dylan and James Taylor, as you loll lazily a while amidst the fading rays of sunshine.

Ned Roberts first attracted my attention not, as you might guess, because we happen to share the same (excellent) first name, but rather with his delicate number "Red Sun". It's effortlessly calming, his picked guitar style creating a lilting groove. With a simple, unashamed set up of acoustic guitar, bass, light percussion and splashings of harmonica and slide guitar, his latest work is also beguilingly simple. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Luther Russell (Noah and the Whale, Richmond Fontaine), with whom Ned has built a close working relationship over the past two years. While far away from his home cities of York and London (where he grew up and where he's now based respectively) it retains his warm, homely feeling throughout.

"Angel Station", the latest single from the album is, in Ned's own words: "A wry song about standing in the rain waiting for a girl." Accompanied by a music video of cine film style shots of central London and driving/training through the countryside around, it is the perfect showcase of what he does...

Find out more about Ned Roberts and listen to "Angel Station" below.


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