Introducing: MOURN

MOURNComing out of the sunny Barcelona scene, MOURN do not present as you might expect.

The four-piece comprise Carla Pérez Vas, Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, Antonio Postius and Leia Rodríguez. They make music like their instruments were borne of the collective mouth of rock and roll hell, smashed around in ectoplasm and stuck back together with the chewing gum found underneath your old school desk. They’re dirtier than Islet; meaner than Girlpool; and louder than pretty much anything else on the scene. If you’re looking for a band who closely resemble the girth and grit of Babes in Toyland without once spitting on the grave of riot grrrl, rest your feet – you’ve found your home.

MOURN have recently received high praise indeed from NME, who named their new track “Silver Gold” as a track you have to listen to before the year’s out. Needless to say, that’s going to stand them in good stead. If they have to fall back on past achievements, they’ve still plenty to brag about: including love in the form of Pitchfork and GoldFlakePaint.

Listen to “Silver Gold” below and find out more about MOURN here.


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