Introducing: Molly Sarlé

Molly SarléThe chilly feeling of a sunrise walk on Appalachian morning is captured through the solo project of Mountain Man member Molly Sarlé.

Sarlé's music shines from a life spent within the beauty of Big Sur, the North Carolina backwoods, and everywhere in between. Her artistic, avant-garde experiences come through in shimmering melodies and delicate vocals, and storytelling lyrics that are full of emotion.

Sarlé began writing her most recent EP Karaoke Angel while living in a trailer overlooking the Pacific Coast in Big Sur, seeking inspiration from all of the people she met along the way. The collection of songs was then recorded by Sam Owens (Sam Evian) in a church-turned-recording studio in Woodstock, New York. Backlined by a balance of guitar, bass, and percussion, Sarlé's orchestral harmonies are the focal point of every song. The ambient, atmospheric folk encompass the changing of the seasons.

Molly Sarlé's lyrics read like a book and paint a picture with imagery in every line, perfectly demonstrated on "Human". According to Sarlé, the song is about coming to terms with the end of something by recognizing everybody is flawed, and that it's possible to to find joy in disappointment and letting go.


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  1. Margaret 30/12/2019 at 4:28 am #

    Shimmery music that is helping me through winter hibernation!

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