Introducing: Making Marks

Making MarksPavement play a big influence on “Bruises”, the new track from fabulous Oslo band and stars in the making Making Marks. With whispers of Monkey Swallows the Universe also folded into the song, it’s sure to be an instant hit with readers who like their indie sweet, but not too sweet.

Comprising Marie Sneve Martinussen, Jørgen Nordby, Nina Bø and Ola Innset; Making Marks have already acquired the support of Fika Recordings in the UK. On top of that they’ve toured Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and France, and have released a debut US single in the form of “Ticket Machine”. That’s no mean feat for a band that formed just under two years ago!

“Bruises” is Making Marks’ UK’s designated breakthrough hit, and it does its job well. Sounding like an early Slow Club on a guitar binge, the track’s a delicate and delirious dive into a melody wonderland. Oodles of twee leaches out at every turn, but the quartet pull their song back into the land of the living with some down to earth lyrics about heartbreak and making up. The song will be followed by the band's debut album A Thousand Half-Truths, due out on Fika Recordings on 3rd February.

Find out more about the glorious Making Marks here and listen to “Bruises” below.


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