Introducing: M+A

M+AWinners of this year's Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition, Italian duo M+A are continuing to make waves this year with their infectious brand of electro pop. Having released debut album These Days last September to widespread acclaim across online blogging circles, but perhaps lacking the wider commercial success that their sound is undoubtedly geared towards, on the back of their Glastonbury success they returned with album single “When” last month.

With enough intelligence to appeal to the more hardened music critics yet enough catchy pop hooks to have a wider appeal, it is perhaps somewhat of a surprise that These Days failed to make much of a mark on the mainstream. “When” blends sun-tinged instrumentation with skilfully arranged electronic sounds to provide a perfect summation of this fast-rising group's appeal, while Is Tropical and Aatlas provide two remixes that firmly push the song into dance territory.

Fellow album cut “Practical Friday” is further evidence of M+A's accomplished sound, as they swagger through a slice of 80s-indebted pop music backed by lazy brass and woozy, soulful vocals.

Find out more about M+A here and listen to the When EP below.


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