Introducing: Luna Pines

Luna PinesWhen self-empowering and completely DIY are components in the same conversation, there is a kinetic energy pulsing with endless possibility. Such is the case with Leeds electro-pop trio Luna Pines. Overgrown with shimmering synths, their recently released single, "My Own Ceiling", invites listeners on an intimate journey about Lotte van den Berg's very real endeavor with mental illness. She wrote the song in the midst of a personal darkness, battling with a severe and, at times, crippling, anxiety disorder. Especially with that in mind, the tranquil melody washed with raw and powerful lyrics makes for an honest portrayal of an encapsulating struggle.

The group captures a beautifully lush and airy space that swirls and croons with an intimate and unguarded disposition. Utilizing a completely DIY process, including the mix and mastering components, they produce a product as polished as an indie giant. The group turns heads, as people are often shocked that an all-female line up produces, and even self-manages, their music, and brand. Their determination and passion are evident on every note as their hands-on approach to songwriting is garnished with personal touch around every corner.

Since forming last September, Luna Pines has already captured notable attention, securing numerous accolades, selling out their first ever gig at Belgrave Music Hall, and landing slots at prestigious venues around Leeds. Following up the recent catalytic success, the group has an upcoming performance at The Brundenell Social Club later this year. With a collaboration of influences from dream pop sensation The Japanese House and iconic producer Mike Sapone, the trio has created an uncluttered and atmospheric breeze which stands as an exciting introduction to a group making waves.

Find out more about Luna Pines and listen to "My Own Ceiling" below.


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