Introducing: Lorenza

LorenzaThere is a certain sleekness to everything this Guildford-based quartet of indie rockers produces. Lorenza use an anthemic pop sound, appealing to fans of Bastille and Viva la Vida-era Coldplay, with an on-stage presence of almost furious intensity. Lush visuals, whether on their packshot artwork or their stream of beautifully produced video content, only serve to enhance the cutting-edge impression created by their sound. They move beyond simply creating great indie pop songs; they have developed a real brand around them.

They currently have only a 6-track EP, Peace of Mind, and the odd remix to their name, all threaded through with a real elegance. Their arrangements are simple, allowing vocalist Jordan Lees' powerful vocals to cut through the synth-drenched sound. "Wolves", the opening track on the Peace of Mind EP, is arguably their standout number, boasting a soaring, chiming chorus that rings of The Naked and Famous.

Find out more about Lorenza on their website and watch the video for "Wolves" below.


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