Introducing: Living Body

Living BodyLeeds based multi-instrumentalist Jeff T. Smith likes to keep busy. He also has friends in all the right (northern) places. The flickering embers of Juffage have only just burned out, and here we are welcoming his new project. With arms wrapped around long term collaborators Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin) and Tom Evans (Vessels), and with further musical augmentation from Alice Rowan and Sarah Statham, Smith is ready to unveil Living Body.

"Juffage never really ended as much as it just turned into this thing, and for whatever reason, it was all down to the 'Sonic Cauldron' concert I devised. After, Katie texts me out of the blue one day asking if I needed a shredder," Smith explains. With the live band now established, Living Body has wasted no time hitting the road, having already played 36 shows across North America in 2017. "It was great to play SXSW and Canadian Music Week," explains Smith of the tour and its highlights. "We were supposed to play Philly the one day but it got cancelled last minute, so we ended up playing a house show in Harrisonburg instead. That was a mega party and total blast."

The experimental group has one record to date, 2016's Body Is Working. Here you'll find a wealth of diverse songs and musicianship that see Smith and Harkin share vocal duties over a backdrop of dreamy guitar and ambient synth pop. They successfully manoeuvre styles of pop, folk, and shoegaze, occasionally hitting heavier shades of indie rock 'n' roll.

Currently, the band is working on another US tour as well as various shows around the UK in August and September. These talented musicians are hard to pigeonhole and offer a lot of originality in their songs. Definitely a band to keep an eye on this year.

Find out more about Living Body at their website, and listen to "Body is Working" below.


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