Introducing: Lexi Scherr

Lexi ScherrIf you're in need of a quick splash of sugary goodness to wake you up, you can put down that Coke bottle. Lexi Scherr has the audible answer courtesy of her latest track, "Ready Aim Fire", and it comes calorie free. Listen to the song below.

The Chicago based singer songwriter has already received endorsement from none other than Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon Levitt, with whom she collaborated for his HitRECord podcast series here. Elsewhere in the world of media, Cosmic Retro premiered "Ready Aim Fire" back in July, while Pop Matters have praised Lexi Scherr for her more recent demo, "Not the Kind". Her debut EP All Take is highly anticipated and set for release on 7th October 2015.

Now wearing an 80s influence on her sleeve, it's no wonder she's become the US's alt pop darling of the moment. Lexi began her career with emotive strings and piano, but turned tail and embraced a chart-ready sound towards the beginning of 2015. If anyone ever doubted this move, minds were set to rest with the release of "Ready Aim Fire" - three minutes of shoulder jerking goodness from the same realm as Alex Winston.

Listen to Lexi Scherr's "Ready Aim Fire" below and find out more about the artist here.


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