Introducing: Leisure Tank

leisure tankRaw. Edgy. Noir. With London as their home base, Leisure Tank grip you with a vice that squeezes your heart one minute, and leaves you helplessly in love with the powerful, smooth vocals of frontwoman K.C. the next.

The indie rock duo is comprised of K.C. on guitar and Budi on drums. With a hint of spaghetti western, they draw a comparison to early PJ Harvey and Detroit-based rocker Flint Eastwood.

Although naturally minimalist, Leisure Tank remains interesting and unpredictable... Especially on their October 2016 release "Wet Suit". The band went on to release "Higher" in 2018, which was recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Hogarth at his Hoxa HQ studio in London. With electric guitar and vocals that don't stop, the high-energy song was accompanied by a successful UK tour.

Leisure Tank is currently playing shows throughout London and will hopefully carry the momentum into 2019 with a new full-length album and tour. Catch them live in Camden at the Monarch on 14th December 2018.

Find out more about Leisure Tank on Facebook and watch the "Higher" video below.



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