Introducing: Laurel

LaurelHaunting, atmospheric and in complete control of her surroundings. You can hear London based singer songwriter Laurel’s sheer determination bleed through into the first few notes of her new single “Memorials”.

Born and bred in Southampton but now located in the big smoke, Laurel has already begun to make a name for herself in preparation for her sure takeover next year. Cue a chat with the oh-so formidable Interview Magazine, alongside coverage in Wonderland and Billboard, and tips from the likes of Spin and The Line of Best Fit. To say Laurel has her sights set on gold is somewhat of an understatement: she’s poised, primed and day we say it, primped for chart dominance in the coming year.

Why then cover her on a blog that primarily associates itself with leftfield and under covered artists? Well for starters, Laurel offers a refreshing sound, distinct from her peers but not so unbearably alternative as to sound try-hard. She’s commercial and she knows it, but that’s not about to stop her from affiliating herself with the kind of song Lana Del Rey should have comeback with.

“Memorials” is already doing quite well for itself, but if you’ve yet to hear it, you can do so below.

Find out more about Laurel here.


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