Introducing: Launder

LaunderIf you want a subtle marker for the sound of the artist I'm introducing today, there are perhaps no better places to look than a forest. Or rather, "A Forest" from The Cure's minimalist second album Seventeen Seconds. Bursting at the seams with dark intensity, it is the music you want to be listening to while driving through the woods at the dead of night. Or perhaps not, if you don't like getting spooked. Launder, the moniker for Los Angeles-based artist John Cudlip, captures the same mysterious, eerie mood wonderfully on his latest single "Annie Blue", taken from debut EP Pink Cloud out this month.

His post-punk, shoegaze-inspired style nods at times to the goth greats - The Cure, Sisters of Mercy - during both its moodier and more upbeat moments. He combines a chugging rhythm guitar line with a simple percussion groove and ghostly vocals. The music combines a feeling of urgency with a certain resigned, almost laid-back tone.

Hailing from Dana Point in southern California, Cudlip's first record draws together a productive series of collaborations with other artists. On moving to LA, he was introduced to indie rocker Day Wave (aka Jackson Phillips of Oakland), who lends his production to the EP, which also features the faint vocal layer of French singer-songwriter and 'white goth' SoKo, and DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith on guitar.

Find out more about Launder at their Facebook page, and listen to latest single "Annie Blue" below


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