Introducing: Just Lions

Just LionsFew scenes know how to do indie pop better than Portland, Oregon, and few bands know how to manipulate this achievement better than local trio Just Lions.

The project of three men who push rock, pop and jazz as influences; Just Lions formed in 2008 and have since spawned multiple side projects and multiple songs. Of those, “Paper Cage” is an absolute killer – all lazy Sunday afternoon vocals and crashing guitar, building and feeding into the kind of melody that makes you want to delete everything else on your MP3 player. That is to say, it’s well good.

The song was released as a single in October 2013 and also features on an EP of the same name, which is available to download from here. Previously Just Lions have put out two other EPs – Athena and Monsters, both equally as good and in need of your attention.

Watch the video for “Paper Cage” below and find out more about Just Lions here.


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