Introducing: Julia Lucille

Julia LucilleAiry and mysterious, the music of Julia Lucille is beautifully crafted. She plays a style of dream folk, driven by finger-picked guitar and her ethereal voice, which bears a superficial similarity to the likes of Laura Marling and First Aid Kit. Where a distinct folk influence in songwriting often sees its creator lean back on comfortable, predictable chord sequences and melodies, hers masks something harmonically edgier and looser, and a more eclectic mix of influences.

Her lighter moments, as on "Ariadne", which sounds a little like Led Zeppelin's "Rain Song", could send you drifting off. At her darkest, there is a strong note of Grizzly Bear in the unusual chord progressions. It’s a powerful range from a songwriter who succeeds in sounding meticulous and liberated at the same time. Based in Austin, Texas, she has enjoyed a successful end of year in the blogosphere on both sides of the Atlantic, where her debut album, Chthonic, has featured on a stream of ‘Best of 2017’ album lists.

The word ‘chthonic’ literally means ‘relating to or inhabiting the underworld’, an intriguing choice for a collection of songs that often feels like their floating in the atmosphere above you. The album’s success has been driven by its lead single, "Eternally", which bears a disarming combination of close harmonies and gently picked guitar. But while it has received the most tastemaker coverage and exposure, the glittering, muted guitar picking and swirling vocal lines of "Plot of Ground" make it my personal favourite.

Watch Julia Lucille's Sofar Sounds performance of "Ariadne" below and find out more on Facebook.


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