Introducing: John Moose

John MooseIt’s that time of year when beautiful ballads can reign supreme, and it looks like John Moose will be the band to deliver a standout winter warmer in 2014. The Karlstad based project claim their roots belong to the Swedish woods of Värmland, and so it’s no wonder wild and ethereal imagery dominates “Flower”, available to stream below. The track is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming debut full length.

Calling to mind the gorgeous Nordic imagery of fellow Swedes First Aid Kit; Americana and folk ambience lace John Moose’s music with the audible equivalent of laudanum downed alongside a strong dose of reality. For the most part “Flower” matches sombre male vocal with a country-strung guitar to create a lingering melody. However, as the band gradually begins to make an impact upon the track, it comes to life with an atmospheric, haunting pound of drum that will stay with you for weeks.

John Moose are not just a ballad band. Their self-titled debut is a conceptual affair, centring on namesake John Moose and his exploration of “the human ambivalence between nature and civilisation.” Accordingly, you can expect the influence of Värmland to return when the album is released in a few months time.

Watch the video for “Flower” below and find out more about John Moose here.


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