Introducing: Jillian Bessett

Jillian BessettJillian Bessett is a special kind of artist. Based in Tucson, Arizona, she’s drawn influence from the likes of Marika Hackman, Woody Guthrie  and Ani DiFranco to create a truly stunning debut in the form of Electric Moon, due out 1st February 2014 and available to stream in full here.

Even the name of the record hints at its classic quality, buffered by an instrumentally traditional sound. Calling herself a “soul-folk musician”, Bessett’s work is incredibly evocative and draws comparison to the beautiful, sombre moments of Regina Spektor’s Soviet Kitsch. Susanne Vega, Kat Flint and Josephine Foster also draw into the close; decorating Electric Moon with a superior quality that merely hints at the talent at Jillian Bessett’s command.

Extraordinarily, Jillian Bessett began to make music at the beginning of 2013. She has so far wowed her local Arizona scene with gigs and song covers. Encouraging others to contribute, Bessett calls upon her audience to submit artwork to her website and has also collaborated with a number of musicians, including stalwart Paul Radek. Her label Black Bag Output are responsible for the release of Electric Moon on 1st February 2014.

Listen to our favourite track, “Lonely”, taken from Electric Moon below and find out more about Jillian Bessett here.


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