Introducing: Jilk

هذا المحتوى jilkDo you find yourself yearning for ambient soundscapes and aural delicacies that flutter and chatter around you like little glitch-sects in the electronic undergrowth? Do you find yourself positively cock-a-hoop at the prospect of classical instrumentation and soothing synth sounds entwining? Do you think to yourself on a regular basis: “ الخيارات الثنائية التداول المؤشرات إشارات You know what, guitar bands just aren't cutting the mustard with me anymore, I need something new and experimental that takes me to, I don't know, another world or something. Oh and some decent bass would be nice too...

الانترنت مجانا الرسوم البيانية ثنائية الخيار If these symptoms sound all too familiar, let me introduce you to  نرى Jilk, most definitely the remedy you've been waiting for.

جرب هذا Born in the Midlands but based in Bristol, Jilk, real name Jonathan Worsley, has been producing music for many a year, having released various EPs since 2009. This year sees the release of the thoroughly enchanting Retreat to Sleep debut album. Released on electronic music label Bit-Phalanx,  عرض الموقع Retreat to Sleep is an astounding piece of work and a magical world of found-sounds and delights to enter into. Featuring the wonderful musicians that join him live, as well as others - including Japanese electronica legend  هذا الارتباط التشعبي Coppé, who features on one track - these consciousness/unconsciousness themed experimentations are, without doubt the stuff dreams are made of.

شروط الاكتتاب في اسهم اسمنت ام القرى Retreat to Sleep is out now on Bit-Phalanx. Listen to “I Put Your Tape On” from the album below.


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  1. bleezy 02/11/2013 at 5:11 pm #

    مرتبطة هنا i stumbled across your site through “hypem”. your music sounds like the electronic equivalent to the now defunct band, Perpetual Groove. they also believed in aural transformations through layers, textures, and patience. you have a nice ear. please keep sharing.