Introducing: Jade Hopcroft

With every warm night we march closer to a bonfire party. It’s the unavoidable event of the summer; if it doesn’t happen in your back garden you’ll find yourself toasting marshmallows at a festival. With this timeless celebration comes another – a guitar, a voice and a barrel of cider. The singer-songwriter blooms when the smell of burned hedgehog overpowers the height of the moon.

Jade Hopcroft is the kind of musician to excel in these circumstances. Her studio recordings may have an elaborate (but not unsavoury) punctuation that calls to mind the volcanic tribal humming of Florence and the Machine, but her unplugged sessions expose her real talent. Those tracks strip away the twinge of pop to reveal Hopcroft’s vocal oddity in all of its glorious corruption. It's a shame there's someone out there who thinks it needs to be hidden.

She may still be unsigned, but Britain seems to agree; this summer Hopcroft has already performed at London’s Unplugged Folk Festival and she has a date set at the legendary Young & Lost Club in September.


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