Introducing: Ings

أسهم السعودية IngsSeattle-based guitarist and composer Inge Chiles, working under the moniker يحتوى Ings, creates what she describes as 'lullaby rock': music that is dreamy and effervescent in equal measure. Counting the likes of تجارة العملات ام تجارة الذهب Feist and انتقل هنا Bjork under her influences, her arrangements bear a rich groove while feeling fairly laid back at the same time.

رأي Dog Physics, her 2013 debut, showcases a more eclectic arrangement style; her vocals drift casually over the top of the ukelele opening on "Sond", whilst the second track "Bird Years" wouldn't be out of place in a TV ad for an animal shelter. The title track finishes the EP beautifully with a more mournful tone and bearing clearer folk roots. Underpinned by interwoven fingerpicked guitar lines, and filled out with synth lines that ebb and flow underneath her hazy vocal melodies, the song builds to a stunning climax before its stripped back finish. A standout track, it's no surprise that it's garnered around half a million plays on Spotify.

مشروع الاستثمار في السبائك الذهبية More recently, her Afterthought EP showcases a strengthening of her rhythm section as she teams up with Christopher Icasiano and Carmen Rothwell on drums and bass respectively - her vocals are richer and the arrangements more stripped back, with the subtle addition of some delicate string lines. With Ings' music developing so nicely, we can surely expect exciting things from this talented songsmith in the future.

Keep up to date with Ings at her Facebook page, and watch the video for "Afterthought" below.