Introducing: Inca Maps

inca mapsThere is something unbelievably satisfying about a track that hooks you from the start, only to catch you out halfway by going in a slightly different direction, kicking it up a notch and adding another level of enjoyment. This little trick is exactly what emerging band Inca Maps have done on their debut release “Weave”; a tender alt rock track with a feverish rhythm.

The switch-up comes from lead singer and pianist Matt Tilling dropping his previously sustained falsetto down to a belly rumbling pitch for the track’s bridge. It’s an impressive display of range, it’s unexpected, and it just makes the track that much more edible. Yes I do mean 'edible' – the tight back and forth of guitar plucks and synth key taps that opens up the song and wraps around each verse is so delicious you’ll want to eat it up and lick the plate.

Inca Maps are Tilling, Tim Horne (bass, synths), Leo Morgan (guitar, sythns) and Toby Archer (drums); a quartet from London with a penchant for punchy rhythms and colourful instrumentals. Their most recent release “In Tangiers” is a delicately paced track that heads down the electronic route before gradually picking up intensity as the song evolves.

The combination of Tilling’s high pitched vocals and Archer’s pseudo-erratic use of percussion draws notable parallels to the alt rock stylings of Alt-J, but infused pop elements provide the band with a distinctive sound.

Listen to “Weave” below and find out more about Inca Maps.


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