Introducing: Honey Moon

Honey MoonModern crooners Honey Moon have more impressive accolades to their name than frontman Jack Slater Chandler's falsetto vocal, though it is very impressive.

The London-based band first caught our attention when they released lazy-pop single "(Why Do You Think You're So) Special?" back in July. Over the summer they seem to have worked tirelessly to widen their fan base; signing to Manchester label Heist or Hit, returning to Truck Festival for a dazzling performance, and releasing an army of headache-reducing love songs, including those on the Four More From... EP.

Casual references to 60s American pop culture are well placed; visually, the four-piece peddle a hard doo-wop aesthetic, right down to the faux-paperback vinyl cover of the aforementioned EP. But their sound just as much incorporates the jingle jangle of chillwave of GURR and The Strokes at their happiest.

The challenge of overcoming Google's keyword search aside, the future looks bright for Honey Moon.

Watch the video for "(Why Do You Think You're So) Special?" below, and find out more about the band on Facebook.


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