Introducing: Holy Motors

Holy MotorsMany of us may have wondered what it would be like to attend our own funeral. Well, Holy Motors, a dream pop five-piece hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, went one step further and created a playlist for it... And the tracklist is fairly reflective of their distinctive,shoegaze-inspired sound.

The Cranberries nods at the dark drawl of vocalist Eliann Tulve; Tom Waits' “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis”, captures the bleakness of much of the lyric writing; David Bowie for the psychedelic edge. Ennio Morricone features, and indeed the slow amble of the songs would make the perfect accompaniment to a driving scene through a desolate landscape. They are named after the 2012 fantasy drama film of the same name, and an affinity with film score music is threaded through their sound. The echoing twang of the guitars rings of a Western soundtrack. It's also music for fans of anyone from Radiohead and Arcade Fire for the shimmering guitar textures, to Nick Cave for the melodic colour of the instrumentation.

The band consists of Tulve, guitarists Lauri Raus, Hendrik Tammjärv, and drummer Kaspar Kiinvald. And they are surely set for an exciting year ahead - their debut album, Slow Sundown, released in early February, has accumulated the band some very impressive praise and secured them a slot at this year's SXSW festival. "Sleeprydr", features a rather eerie music video of Sandra Kosorotova and Tulve herself cruising through a misty Tallinn, which accompanies perfectly the ghostly, reverb-heavy sound of the track.

Find out more about Holy Motors via their Facebook page, and watch the video for "Sleeprydr" below.

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