Introducing: Hero Fisher

herofisherWhether in their songwriting, style of delivery or composition skills, some musicians just have a knack for drawing you in. Hero Fisher is that rare kind of artist able to count on all three cornerstones, peddling a captivating vocal delivery with empowering, emphatic lyrics and the slow drawl of a song kicking you in the gut.

What’s got us all in a tizz you say? It’s this, her song “Fear Not Victorious”. Brushing aside comparisons to Duffy et al, Fisher opens her song not with the skylark bellow she’s more than likely capable of, but with a Bob Dylan inspired narrative of loss and general desperation. This plus a very unique and particularly uplifting thwack of originality than shall henceforth be referred to as Fisherism. It’s literally the sound of an icon in the making.

Check out “Fear Not Victorious” below and more about Hero here.


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