Introducing: Hattie Whitehead

Hattie WhiteheadBlessed with a gorgeous voice and delicate acoustic sound, Hattie Whitehead has been steadily building a name for herself on the singer-songwriter circuit. After the release of her Home EP a couple of years ago, she's gone from strength to strength, with a stream of festival appearances, most notably a third place in Glastonbury's Emerging Talent Competition last year.

Hattie has crafted her songwriting and vocal style from a range of influences, including soul, jazz, and traditional folk. While her voice is perfectly built for jazz, the folk influence is felt particularly clearly on "This Ship", the lilting acoustic guitar opener to Home and my personal favourite of her songs. She initially sounds almost like a female Damien Rice, even Jeff Buckley, as the songs build and she rolls freely around the vocal melodies. The song briefly takes a darker turn into the minor key, with a tone reminiscent of Scott Matthews, before a lush finish. She also professes a love for Joni Mitchell, whose influence is threaded through her music.

We can look forward to discovering which dimensions of her sound she draws out in her future work - she will follow up an appearance this weekend at this year's Kenilworth Arts Festival by announcing some exciting new material over the coming months.

Find out more about Hattie Whitehead at her website, and listen to "This Ship" below.


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