Introducing: Hatchie

HatchieIn the current musical landscape of global connectivity and the dominance of Spotify playlisting, it's possible for an artist to be propelled to massive overnight success with their second or even their first single. Hatchie, Australia's new female pop sensation to be, is one such artist. And no surprise - she boasts an attention-grabbing shoegaze sound that combines the rocky pop punk melodic style of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, with a more psychedelic My Bloody Valentine and Tame Impala feel to the guitars and music around the vocals.

But this sudden rise to fame can often mask the depth of work that goes into making it happen. A multi-instrumentalist who once had ambitions of being an artist manager herself, Harriette Pilbeam also manages to play in Brisbane-based Babaganouj while enjoying this massive burst of success. Her debut single "Try" has blasted through the 1,000,000 Spotify plays barrier rather effortlessly. With an infectious chorus melody, as well as a lushness to the instrumentation that sets it apart from the likes of MUNA, with whom she bears a strong resemblance, it's easy to see why.

And her new single, "Sure", is even better. Opening with splashy Brit-pop guitar chords, it bears a certain stadium rock feel that demands positivity from the listener. With such great songs to her name, the young Aussie is sure to build her profile around the world as quickly as a Steve Smith double century dashing England's fading hopes in the Ashes this winter...

Find out more about Hatchie via her Facebook page and listen to "Try" below.


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