Introducing: Harkin

Katie HarkinA few weeks ago we stupidly found ourselves stood in The Louisiana, contemplating the lady performing in front of us in support of Torres: "This sounds a bit like Sky Larkin. But it can't be Sky Larkin, their front woman's way too popular to support a US alternative artist in one of Bristol's smallest venues... That doesn't make any sense at all. Don't be daft, Tiffany. But it really does sound like her, and her name's Harkin... Isn't the Sky Larkin lady called Katie something? It'd be too much of a coincidence if the Sky Larkin lady's name was Harkin. That'd be weird, it rhymes."

And so on. In our defense, it was a strange sight to see the Sky Larkin lady support a relatively unknown, or at least cult artist from Brooklyn; and we also couldn't see a damn thing given our situation at the back of the venue with a billion 6 foot men stood in front of us. In case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation anytime soon: this is Harkin, the long established though only recently focused-upon side and solo project of Sky Larkin front woman Katie Harkin.

Under her own name, Katie makes a far grittier and largely successful attempt at indie rock. Gone are the embellished keyboard chimes and slick production of her former band, replaced by a home-recording vibe and an electric guitar that growls at inopportune moments. Despite the fame imbalance, audibly it makes sense that Harkin supported Torres: both artists share an affinity with deadpan-turned-emotive delivery and there's storytelling at the heart of their lyrics.

Harkin's already hard at work on a debut album, but has in the meantime released a stream of Apostle Of Hustle's "National Anthem of Nowhere". Available to stream below, it's due for release on 6th November 2015 through new Leeds label Come Play With Me.

Find out more about Harkin here and listen to "National Anthem of Nowhere" below.


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