Introducing: Hanging Valleys

Hanging ValleysIf you were to compare the music of Hanging Valleys to a setting, it would be a calm forest of pine dappled in the lightest mist of rain. The London based trio, masterminded by the half-Mexican Thom Byles and featuring Mike Phillips and Alexis Meridol, weave together layers of cycling acoustic guitar and a touch of electric guitar and synth with minimal percussion, mostly knock-on guitar sounds. Nestled on this canopy of sound are Byles' and Phillips' delicate falsetto vocals in unison, with a scattering of occasional harmonies. It is disarmingly simple and succeeds in sounding gorgeously layered whilst feeling paper thin. It is how I imagine an acoustic Explosions in the Sky to sound, gentle yet bristling with energy.

The way their songs transport you to a place of tranquility in the middle of nature has seen them enamour a stream of online indie-folk playlists dedicated to soothing, atmospheric music. This has led to the band building up a strong following among fans of the likes of Novo Amor, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow. In March this year, they released EP, a four-track collection of songs recorded in London, securing over a million plays. It is a beautifully measured collection; however, my favourite track of theirs remains "The Great Outdoors", with its particularly stunning chorus melody...

Find out more about Hanging Valleys and listen to "The Great Outdoors" below.


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