Introducing: Half Japanese Half Muscle

Half Japanese Half MuscleWe've all acted the man in Half Japanese Half Muscle's new video. The debut  from the mysterious artist, who spreads himself across London and Tokyo, features a lonely businessman finishing his drink in an empty bar, shuffling over to the stage, grabbing the mic and taking part in some pretty over-emotional karaoke. As I said: we've all been there.

Half Japanese Half Muscle describes himself as a "hyper spiritual body builder from the far-east sending you to nirvana through the medium of the 110bpm pop song" - which, from what we've seen of his work so far, is pretty much spot on. The song that accompanies the aforementioned video, "Loose Fitting Girls", is brilliantly sharp pop. At odds with the quiet sadness of the video, it's three and a half minutes of 80s style synth pop fun, with a bouncy disco bass and an infectiously catchy chorus that features the brilliant lyric, "I've got my loose fitting girls in their tight fitting clothes." Imagine if Jai Paul had decided to embrace his inner Pet Shop Boy: that's how fantastic "Loose Fitting Girls" is. Not that it doesn't share any similarities with the video; the synth stabs seem to have been lifted straight out of a karaoke backing track, and it's the kind of song that if heard on a night out, would have you dancing as ecstatically as the guy in the video.

This track is just the start for Half Japanese Half Muscle, and where ever he decides to take us all next, I'm fully onboard.

Find out more about Half Japanese Half Muscle here and watch the video for "Loose Fitting Girls" below.


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