Introducing: Haarm

HaarmWith the dawn of the internet and the disintegration of musical tribes, it's easy to argue scenes don't exist in the same way as they once did. The insulation of a collection of creatives can be hard with the immediacy of the internet, but there are still pockets all over the world of musicians sharing and developing together.

Haarm are very much in the middle of one of these small pockets. Hailing from the same scene as OutfitClean Cut Kid and Stealing Sheep, the band have four members but at the same time claim the project has a "collective of musicians and producers" behind it.

Clearly this pooling together of resources has worked. Debut single "Foxglove" is an infectious piece of pop but tinged with the same lo-fi and electronica sensibilities that friends Outfit manipulate. The relatively simple drums and bass combo is heightened by the beautiful boy/girl vocals that lift the song, while a synth stabs underneath. It's like a post-punk experiment fed into a hit making machine.

The collective thinking that has gone into the project has meant the band already have a very clear identity and image. "Foxglove" for example, is influenced hugely by "the long history of flowers being used as emblems and in symbolism." Not only does the artwork reflect this, but the song's balance between the poisonous nature of the songs namesake, the foxglove, and the lyrics fragility.

While this is only the first taste of what Haarm have to offer, they have promised some more singles coming up in 2016, though no mention of an album. Fear not, because if the bands that they have been sharing space with are anything to go by, 2016 will be a big year for Haarm.

Listen to "Foxglove" below and find out more about Haarm here.


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