Introducing: grandson

grandsonPolitics in music can so often come off as try-hard or superficial. But in the case of grandson, a 23-year-old punk rocker from Toronto, it feels effortlessly genuine. His artistic and social intention is to bridge the gap between rap and rock, both of which (in his own words) "emerged from people being stripped of voices and only having what’s available around them."

Lyrically, his songs stay very simple. Take, for example, the chorus to his song "War": “And it’s war in the East, war in the West, war up North, war down South… everywhere is war.” His slick, hook driven sound rings strongly of Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood, but with a host of other subtler influences; hip-hop especially, alongside a punchy electric guitar and compressed vocals.

There's a distinctive dubstep vibe on his latest single "Blood//Water", while "Kiss Bang" features a pulsating guitar solo that Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi would have been proud of.

Matching his consistent single release calendar with extensive touring around North America, grandson has been building a devoted following with his 'heart on sleeve' approach to communicating with his fans, something that is clear as you scroll through his Facebook feed. His imagery is also very eye-catching - the cover artwork for "War" is a picture of Donald Trump with xs over his eyes (a feature of all his artwork). Apparently too controversial and direct for a number of publications to feature, he was not deterred - and you can't help feeling that as the buzz around him grows, he won't be missing the exposure...

Find out more about grandson and listen to "War" below.


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