Introducing: Grace Mitchell

Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell has got this sewn up. They're calling it "post-Yeezus", but this is post-Born To Die: husky vocals honeyed with a slight Southern slur; pop melodies played out on huge, moody piano chords, strung together with that ballad-in-the-club production; and lyrical narratives that snake through a few well-worn metaphors to get to the same message: break the rules, stay up late, live fast, die young. "We live the DJ life, We go out every night." In 2015, this is about as route one as it gets. Christ, there's even a song called "Bae".

That's not to say that Mitchell's a one-trick pony. This year's Raceday EP showcased the 18-year-old's knack for hanging pop hooks off just about anything she gets her hands on. From the pure, thrilling sugar rush of single "NoLo" (on which producer Mark "Jumped Up Kicks" Foster's contribution is more than evident) to "Jitter", which stitches an unlikely seam between Azaelia Banks and Ace of Base, everything is delivered with the swagger of someone who trusts their own abilities. Or, as she recently put it: "These are my observations of what I'm seeing. You can take the stories or the 'fuck you' from it." Haters gon' hate, basically.

At any rate, it seems the rest of the world believes in her too. Having already opened for pop royalty such as The Weeknd and Miguel, Grace Mitchell has been steadily exhausting the world's supply of renewable superlatives, and one imagines the media outlets who haven't raved about her yet are the ones who haven't heard her. Where next for the bright young thing from Oregon? Wherever the hell she pleases.

Find out more about Grace Mitchell here and watch her video for "Nolo" below.


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