Introducing: G Mills

G MillsAre you feeling like you just want to sink deep into a warm armchair and drift away to a restless sleep with music in your ears? Or are you looking for the perfect soundtrack to your espresso martini, sipped amidst a cool evening breeze sweeping through your hair? Perhaps you're looking for a groove to accompany a light summer evening with friends, reminiscing and plotting your adventures for the rest of summer?

G Mills weaves together gorgeous, delicate jazz piano with simple electronica beats to create the lightest of jazz fusion. Without the richness of Submotion Orchestra or the intricacy of Four Tet, the minimalism of the music affords the listener precious space. A ten-second passage of trumpet in the gentle "Lodeon" provides a rare flicker of a departure from the general sound, along with the harp in "Milk & Honey", while "Jazzman Rice" possesses an effortless swagger.

Given the lack of any information online (G Mills is Nashville based) and the tantalising brevity of the tracks, we are left guessing where the sound could develop. With such a beautiful and flirtatious core sound and atmosphere created, a longer piece of work would surely be a real musical treat, whatever the setting...

Find out more about G Mills (if you can here) on his Facebook page.


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