Introducing: Friend FriendSome things are really too good to be kept a secret. While some mystery is always nice - take previous Introducing inductee وكالة خيار ثنائي Elohim's elusive persona - Friend, aka Katie Dotson, initially took it too far by simply not releasing any music at all. The 23-year-old Columbus, Ohio inhabitant has been writing songs in her room since she was 13, but only recently made a conscious decision to record and release her music. I don't know why she took so long, because her first EP,  فوركس saham Satellite, is superb.

انتقل إلى الموقع Recorded, mastered and mixed all in her room, Satellite is beautifully lo-fi: a snapshot of someone making music just for themselves, completely cocooned in their room. Musically and considering the minimal setup, her music is diverse. "Disappearing Act" has an  تمت إعادة توجيهها هنا Elliot Smith level of deep intimacy, finding Katie harmonising with herself while sighing, "Next second I'm gone". "Ancient Animal" has a country stomp but with the knowing cynicism and lyrical acrobatics of العثور على هذا Father John Misty, that find her saying, "While the people of the world erupt into piles and pits and incensed fist fights I wait for my friends to leave And fall asleep to bogus game shows."

تلميحات إضافية The scope, intricacy of layers and high quality of the music often makes it hard to even comprehend the fact all of this was done in such a lo-fi manner.

خيار ثنائي نطاق تعريف This, unfortunately, is all we have from Friend so far . There are no live dates, and definitely none yet in the UK. Make sure you keep track of her though, because Friend is too good to miss.

Find out more about Friend here and listen to "Ancient Animal" below.