Introducing: Freddie Dickson Freddie DicksonFreddie Dickson is young, raw, bitter and signed to Columbia Records. Why? He’s young because, well, he wasn’t born very long ago. He’s raw because he’s young and he’s bitter for undisclosed reasons. Mysterious. Most self-explanatorily of all, he’s signed to Columbia because he can sing about it - and well.

مقدمي الخيارات الثنائية Dickson sounds like a male هذا الموقع Annie Eve; a darker النقر هنا Paul Thomas Saunders; an angst-ridden الخيار ثنائي استراتيجية مجانية Luke Sital-Singh. He’s an intense jumble of sorrow and despair that bursts from the cowering, wilting flicker of a candle into a desperately burning, sweeping flame. His voice grows and then recedes, a cry for help soldered to an inescapable sense of distress that can’t be quenched. Muscular-sounding yet vulnerable, his music is emotion-fuelled and promising because it’s so unrefined.

مصدر الصورة He’s toured with الأشكال البيانية لتداول الفوركس MSMR and been likened to سعر الذهب في السوق السعودي Lana Del Ray for sounding so sophisticated. This time last year, the London-bred singer-songwriter released an EP of four tracks entitled Shut Us Down and it’s bewildering, wistful and hurting uncontrollable. It’s like every feeling he’s ever felt is cooped up in a space too small to stretch and singing is the only way he can let it all break out.

أفضل تداول للفوركس Next month Dickson is set to throw EP number two at the world, and it’s called News. The title-track came out last week and it’s a step up from before, even. If it’s anything to go by then it sounds as though the weight of his world is dragging him down to the ground by the shoulders with an even stronger grip than before. It's more intriguing than ever. News is released on 13th October 2014 with a launch party at London’s Sebright Arms on the 14th.