Introducing: AS Fanning

AS FanningAn Irishman now living in Berlin, AS Fanning's roots shine through, from his morbid, often harrowing descriptions of his hometown to the strong Irish baritone that has become his distinct trademark.

While “Ballad” is an evocative, enrapturing vocal tour of a Dublin that feels unique to Fanning, on collaborative work such as “Laws of Nature” with Candice Gordon, the Irishman's elaborate instrumental work effectively underpins those flinty, flickering female vocals.

Debut single “Carmelita” provides first notice of the potent combination of unflinchingly honest vocals and flawless, perfectly judged acoustic instrumentation. Never destined to be a sing-a-long campfire anthem, this track still serves as notice of a serious talent emerging.

The Irish folk traditions are there in the heavy lyricism of his, which mix with gothic soundscapes and 60s psychedelic tendencies to create an enchanting, atmospheric sound that is uniquely his.

Now embarking on a solo venture, the Dublin native has previously fronted The Last Tycoons and Porn Trauma, as well performing with The Stef and Candice Gordon.

With such an eclectic CV already, AS Fanning’s solo work continues to mark him out as an artist unafraid to be different and daring in his output.

While he is unlikely to ever grace the upper echelons of the UK Top 40, Fanning is pushing boundaries in a way few other artists could ever dream of, and his upcoming debut album will surely be one to watch out for over the next few months.

Listen to AS Fanning's new track "Ballad" below:


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