Introducing: Ex-Cowboy

excowboyAnyone who first fell in love with Wes Anderson thanks to his foray into family life with The Royal Tenenbaums can relive their adoration via the music of Ex-Cowboy.

Brandishing but a guitar and accordion, the Tucson, AZ duo perfectly recreate the heart and soul of the original score penned by Mark Mothersbaugh. Mixed into the lot is a spaghetti western vibe worthy of the band's name, and vocals that recall Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous at his best.

After a roundabout tour of the States, Ex-Cowboy have gathered a wealthy treasure trove of press from the likes of The Spec and A Music Blog, as well as Tucson Weekly, who describe the band as creating "dark Appalachian folk songs, heavy on gloomy textures and high and lonesome Spaghetti Western soundtrack guitar... Extraordinary and mysterious".

You can download "X Marks The Spot" for free below.


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