Introducing: Ever So Android

Ever So AndroidSeattle duo Ever So Android describes themselves as the illegitimate love child of Daft Punk and The Black Keys. Vocalist Hope Simpson and guitarist Drew Murray certainly pack a hefty punch with their glitch electro-grunge.

When the two met in a Seattle coffee shop in 2011 neither had plans to start a project. However one thing led to another and Ever So Android played their first live shows in early 2012. Their eponymous EP Ever So Android, released in 2013, was produced by grunge veteran Dave Hillis and made them a hit on local radio. The buzz has been spreading ever since. Murray layers distorted guitar, erratic beats and warped electronics. Simpson’s vocals soar: sweet and sensual with a touch of venom. The tracks flow with a passion and fury that has ignited stages all over the US.

Ever So Android finished off 2013 with their first US tour. It kicked off with a sold out date in Seattle and saw the intensity of crowds go from a few crossed arms in the back of the room to stage diving and crowd surfing. They will be touring the US again next year and recording their debut album. Now they’ve got America dancing to their tune they want to get over to Europe as soon as possible.


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