Introducing: Evelinn Trouble A pseudonym like Evelinn Trouble الفوركس موقع doesn’t suggest a musician who’s going to conform to convention. And true enough, the 21 year old Swiss singer-songwriter breaks just about every expectation going with her 90s-dance-meets- يحتوى EMA mashup.

حجر الزاوية منصة تداول الخيارات الثنائية With a series of shows – and two London dates of note – coming up in August, it looks like Ms Trouble’s eccentric clatter of sound, which occasionally strays as far as Riot Grrrl in nature, will be put to the test in 2012. But she need not fear; rubbing shoulders with مرتبطة هنا Beirut and Joan as Policewoman in the past will stand her in good stead. Look out for her new EP The Great Big Heavy later on in the summer.