Introducing: Esbie Fonte

Esbie FonteGrowing up in a house full of music, Esbie Fonte has been immersed in the arts her entire life.

Even as a young girl, she was familiar with the trials of being an artist - her father is a multi-instrumentalist folk and bluegrass musician. Esbie stood by through a cross-country move and frequented trips to the record store, gigs and at-home jam sessions. She persued her interest in art and music by going to a performing arts high school, and became involved in the San Francisco music scene, continuing on to Sarah Lawrence College where she became engaged in her passions; music, politics, and everything in between.

After a year abroad in Cornwall and a year of musical solitude, her solo project was born. With influences ranging Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday to Coco Rosie, Esbie has an eclectic, avant-garde sound that's laced with soft, chilling melodies and silky vocals. She somehow manages to intertwine emo and electronic elements into big buildups, demonstrated on her song "Pico & Westwood", which features a wide range of sounds. Esbie Fonte also showcases synth-folk elements on "Boulevard", a 2018 release that features soaring, crooning vocals reminiscent of Florence & the Machine.

Self-described as 'Cult Music', Esbie crates complex, beautiful, music that combine with powerful and soulful lyrics to show off her artistic background. Esbie now lives in Los Angeles, where she and her co-collaborater, Peter Tilly, continue to work on her unique sound... taking her "bedroom production" to new levels.


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  1. Junie & TheHutFriends 04/10/2019 at 2:37 am #

    ‘Ace’s High’ is so tragically beautiful! There’s something in Esbie’s voice and her use of storytelling on this track that’s just so compelling. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her!

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