Introducing: Emily Wells

emilywellsIt's hard to place Emily Wells in Los Angeles; a city widely renown for its live-fast and often false facade, but scratch the surface and you see a very different reality; one of cultural diversity and creativity, of experimentation and liberty.

Angeleon, Emily Wells is living, breathing proof that not everything hailing from California is predictable or plastic. Her latest album, Mama is saturated with timbral-complexity and her voice frequently relaxes amid the arrangement rather than demanding attention by sitting on top of it. That isn't to say her voice is indistinct or unpleasant, far from it. Childlike and playful at points, cold and course at others, her blatant disregard for consonants is somewhat reminiscent of Icelandic legend Björk. 

Emilly Wells may appear to some to be over-indulgent multi-instrumentalism or perhaps even a little pretentious, but in reality Mama is a honest expression of personality.  With the inevitable future guidance of a songwriter, her name may be one you see more frequently.


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