Introducing: Elle Mary & the Bad Men

Elle MaryManchester based songsmith Elle Mary describes her latest music as "heavy noir." Listening to her gorgeous new track "Behave", unveiled ahead of the October release of her debut album, it's a fitting moniker. With shimmering electric guitar chords and her melancholic yet indignant vocals, the song has a certain brooding intensity. Inspired by a recent breakup and the choice words she would wield against her ex, the regret and related emotions involved in such a split are shrouded in a cloak of humour. As Elle puts it herself: "It's meant to make you laugh at your own outrage but simultaneously give you strength."

The Bad Men accompanying her on her musical journey, aka Michael Dubec and Pete Sitch, give the song its weight and driving rhythm. It's a thick sound that sees a departure from her stripped back earlier folk work, while maintaining the "space" that she refers to as the key aspect of her sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Low and Bill Callahan. The explosion of the track at the halfway stage, as she roars defiantly "Didn't you always have an open heart?", showcases this new sound gloriously, ahead of the autumn release of Constant Unfailing Night.

Find out more about Elle Mary and the Bad Men on Facebook and listen to "Behave" below.


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