Introducing: Eliza Shaddad

Eliza ShaddadEliza Shaddad describes herself as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. On Soundcloud, it’s #folk #alternative #pop, or in our own words; haunting, mesmerizing vocals, backed by cool, soothing beats. Her voice has even been compared to that of Nina Simone. Music is clearly a passion; Shaddad wrote her first song on a school bus aged 8. Not many can claim to be that musically productive at such a young age, Mozart aside. Growing up listening to British folk music, with a variety of artists listed as influences, her tastes shifted slightly when festivals inspired her to take up the guitar.

Formerly a Shoreditch busker, Eliza was discovered by one member of a pretty well known 2014 breakthrough act. Of this chance meeting at Shoreditch High Street station, she says, “It was dead and I’d been there for about an hour and a half… and then this guy cycled past and just smiled… and then he cycled back and stopped.” The guy in question was Jack, one of the brothers from Clean Bandit, and he was looking for a singer. So they say, the rest is history. She became part of the collective. Featured on two tracks from Clean Bandit’s highly anticipated debut album New Eyes, "UK Shanty" and "Birch", you’ll see her in an underwater face off with supermodel Lily Cole in the video for "UK Shanty", as well as in many of their live performances.

Eliza’s own debut offering, Waters, is due for release on the 16th June through Beatnik Records. The 4 track EP, produced by Mercury nominated Chris Bond (the guy behind Ben Howard’s success) is available for pre-order right now.

She may have been discovered accidentally by Clean Bandit, but it’s time for Eliza to establish herself as an individual, away from that crazy Top 40 whirlwind. Her effortlessly beautiful voice needs to be heard - by as many people who will listen.

Listen to "Waters" below and find out more here.


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