Introducing: Dumb Lovers

Dumb LoversFormed by friends Megan Rees and Robin Clark on the south coast at the turn of the year, Dumb Lovers have made swift progress in releasing their debut track earlier this month.

Hailing from Bournemouth, the pairing are still in the midst of writing, producing and planning more material, and inaugural song "Oscar" has given them an impressive platform to progress from.

As a first glimpse of what to expect from Dumb Lovers, "Oscar" brings fizzing energy and razor-sharp production to the table, and delivers everything you could ask for.

Opening with chiming synth and dreamy vocals, Dumb Lovers have set upon the perfect soundtrack as spring sets in and days become longer. Drawing on the past to give a sign of their future, there are echoes of Cocteau Twins and Melody’s Echo Chamber in the warm, warped synth tones and chandelier-sharp vocals. This penchant for stylish, synth-driven alt-pop is no surprise with the band listing 80s staples The Cure and Joy Division amongst their influences.

Yet their real triumph is in bringing this sound fully into the 21st century, combining nostalgia with up-tempo drum beats and synth straight from the UK top 50.

While it would be unfair to make assertions based on the band’s only official release to date, we for one will be keeping a keen ear out for the next moves from this highly promising duo.

Listen to "Oscar" by Dumb Lovers below.


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  1. Francesca 08/05/2017 at 8:37 pm #

    This is a really interesting new band. Mixing the old with the new can spark some amazing material. Oscar is brilliant and we will be avidly awaiting more releases.

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