Introducing: The Don Fox Scandal

The Don Fox ScandalSelf-styled rock, gypsy-jazz, funk and blues band The Don Fox Scandal are a quartet based in the South West of England, who are currently gearing up to release their debut EP after plenty of time spent honing their live act in the pubs and clubs of Bristol and beyond. As their own self-classification - which, mercifully, saved me a tricky job - suggests, their festival-friendly sound is the end result of a whole mishmash of influences.

"Familiar Stranger" bounces and bops along with an assuredness that's underpinned by soulful, earthy vocals while their ska transformation of Eurythmic's "Sweet Dreams" displays the group's ability to manipulate a well-known classic into making it sound like very much their own song.

But it's when The Don Fox Scandal flex their musical muscles that we really get to see - or rather hear - their true potential. "Fingers Crossed" starts off as a nice enough ditty but soon extends itself into a near five-minute long song with screeching electric guitars fighting for the foreground with those soulful vocals. "Fingers Crossed" may be somewhat of an outlier when pitted alongside the rest of their body of work, but despite that it's the song which offers the most promise for future recordings.

There may only be glimpses of recordings by the group that have surfaced online so far, but there's enough behind these demos and live renditions to suggest their upcoming EP is going to capture their energetic live sound that is already so evident. They're a band undoubtedly in their embryonic stages, but certainly one to keep an eye on.

Listen to "Familiar Stranger" below and find out more about The Don Fox Scandal here.


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