Introducing: Dolores Haze

Dolores HazeDolores Haze, you will remember, is the real name of the 12-year-old girl at the centre of Nabokov's Lolita. At the centre of the room-spinning stupor these four Swedish women induce with guitar, drums and gutteral howls, there's a similar mesh of innocence and experience to be found. This is the young band, after all, who describe their style as "goth sex, diva couture," while sounding like they still kick out the jams in their parents' garages.

Following two self-released EPs, the band have already gifted us a debut album in The Haze Is Forever - released earlier this month on the gloriously named Woah Dad! label, and continuing to explore themes of sexuality and the body. New single "Touch Me" finds singer Groovy Nickz (there's still time to undo those stage monikers guys) putting in a pristine vocal performance to deliver the line, "I don't need your hands to touch me," two heavy chords swaying back and forth like a slurred apology. The whole scene is offset by the accompanying music video, in which the band play while various kinky engagements escalate all around them.

Following early covers of both Peaches and Interpol, it's still not quite clear which style is closer to their heart - even the decidedly grunge-y "Touch Me" has since had an electronic revamp. Perhaps what's most exciting about Dolores Haze is their attempt to split the difference. New album track "Crazy About Me" is equal parts Shampoo and Siouxsie, a fuck-off kiss that taunts the listener in the same way "You Love Us" did for the Manics back in '92. And that's what's beautiful about Dolores Haze: they're young, loud, contradictory, intelligent, messy. Isn't that everything that guitar music needs in 2016?

Watch the video for "Touch Me" below and find out more about Sweden's Dolores Haze here.


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