Introducing: Dizzy

DizzyA four-piece dream pop band from Ontario, Dizzy encapsulate everything that can make songwriting so vulnerably honest. Like a raindrop racing down the side of a pane of glass, the band's music has an intoxicating effect, and for the video of their latest release, "Joshua", lead singer Katie Munshaw slowly walks against a broken backdrop. The track is reminiscent of bands like Big Thief, and even though the instrumentation is dreamy and bright, there's definite pain in Munshaw's voice and words. "Joshua's a Gemini, he broke my heart," she croons as the song moves deeper into an unconscious state of breathing.

Within each song, Dizzy paint a picture in varying shades of lapis lazui. The music is perfectly balanced between electronic pulses and delicate shoegaze that feels like a hazy day in London. The measures move between airy spacing and glistening hooks. This isn't music to listen to on a sunny afternoon. These songs were made for the intimate quiet of the night, like greeting an old and familiar friend.

While "Joshua" is available via Royal Mountain and Communion Records, Dizzy are yet to release an EP or full length. They are currently touring and can be seen at a number of venues in Europe and North America.

Find out more about Dizzy and listen to "Joshua" below.


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