Introducing: Dave Depper

Dave DepperNot many stories begin while rummaging through Craigslist, and end with traveling across the world on tour with one of the biggest players in music. Such is the case with Dave Depper. It began with a Farfisa organ that happened to belong to the founder of Hush Records and member of Blanket Music, Chad Crouch. Crouch enlisted Depper to play bass, and the rest is a star-studded history.

Depper went on to become a full-time musician for an impressive number of Northwest bands, including Menomena, Fruit Bats, Mirah, Corin Tucker, and Laura Gibson. These stepping stones led to a 2014 tour in Ray LaMontagne's band, and an eventual permanent slot in Death Cab for Cutie.

Maybe inevitably, the haze of constant travel and inconsistent contact with friends and family left Depper looking for more. With an impressive resume behind him, in June 2017 he stepped out from the sideline to release his solo album, Emotional Freedom Technique. Purposefully calculated and infectiously fun, the album was recorded in his Portland home, which adds to the intimacy behind each note.

Find out more about Dave Depper and listen to "Ikutaro".


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