Introducing: Dante

DanteDante are a band whose music truly conveys a sense of their roots. The Scottish 6-piece, fronted by singer-songwriter Sean McLaughlin, have been releasing music for nearly a decade. McLaughlin's thoughtful songs, and his poetic lyrical style tinged with isolation - he hails from a tiny island in the Shetlands called Bressay - are couched in a Celtic inspired sound. You can imagine their live shows catering simultaneously to audiences that want to listen and ones who want to dance.

Nestled nicely in the space between traditional folk and indie rock, they're like a slightly less poppy Idlewild, and in fact, McLaughlin has worked with one of Idlewild's founding members, Rod Jones, on a number of projects. The euphoric brightness of their sound, combined with the instrumentation and production - quite lo-fi, and including beautiful string and mandolin textures - also rings of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, as well early Arcade Fire. In a nice display of synergy, the artwork for their new record, I Wear Your Weight With Mine, was designed by Tracy Maurice who also created the front cover for the Canadians' seminal debut Funeral.

Their sound on the new album is subtler, more spacious and more ambient than their previous record, Wake (2013), which was perhaps closer to the folk end of the spectrum. Produced by Frightened Rabbit's Andy Monaghan, it boasts a number of standout singles, including album opener "Beachcomber" with its glorious chorus melody and rich backing vocals. 

Listen to "Beachcomber" below and find out more about Dante on Facebook.


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