Introducing: Dama Scout

Dama ScoutIf you're a musician, chances are you know the joyous feeling of discovering an old instrument you'd forgotten about or never knew existed in an attic somewhere. For Dama Scout, an exceedingly talented trio from London, the child's guitar they discovered while holidaying in Portugal formed the basis for their debut, self-titled EP. A fuzzy, metallic guitar sound - a little like early Foo Fighters albums, though musically more dissonant - underpins what's a truly accomplished record that hints at great things ahead.

Comprising vocalist and guitarist Eva Liu, bassist and keyboard player Luciano Rossi, and drummer Danny Grant, Dama Scout originally formed in Glasgow and have been growing a loyal following in the capital with their distinctive style, drawing from an eclectic range of influences. Support from online press and radio, as well as BBC Introducing, has helped them to grow this following further afield.

Standout track "Toothache" lays down a wonderful interplay between guitar, bass and drums that sets the tone for the rest of the 2017 debut. Their music has a dreaminess that rings of My Bloody Valentine, and a rhythmic feel reminiscent of Oceansize, particularly when the band explodes into rich, driving sections of crashing drums and distorted guitar.

Their latest single, "Milky Milk", is another excellent number drawing heavily on grunge influences and the likes of Soundgarden. It also shows off Rossi's skills as a bassist and flickers between the casual and the punchy in disarming fashion.

Listen to "Milky Milk" below and find out more about Dama Scout on Facebook.


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