Introducing: Culture Abuse

Culture AbuseCulture Abuse, the latest signing from the legendary punk label Epitaph Records, are ready to take over the world. And if they do it, it’s going to be in their own way, with sharpened teeth and guitars.

Last spring, they put out their impressive debut album Peach. A raw and aggressive piece of work, Peach soon began to gain traction in underground circles. For all its apparent straightforwardness, there is something about Peach that feels different. It’s mostly a punk-rock album recorded with a lo-fi spirit, but there’s a certain amount of quirkiness about the vocals that you just don’t see in most punk bands. Let’s say that Culture Abuse exists in some kind of twisted world where Mark E. Smith is fronting Guided By Voices and where Protomartyr’s Joe Casey is the lead singer of FIDLAR.

At the end of last year, Peach surprisingly cracked Noisey’s top 10 albums of 2016. Even if you don’t think much of Noisey, the point here is that Culture Abuse was the only rock act to make an appearance on that list. They’re a rock band trying to be different and struggling to make it in a world which spurts out a think piece about rock music being dead once every 20 seconds. It should be our responsibility to keep cherishing bands that try to stand out even if the odds are against them.

Even if they’re just getting started, Culture Abuse are already taking risks. They have just released a new single called “So Busted”, which sees them exchanging the in-your-face howls of their debut for a calmer and more melodic approach. There were times in their debut when it felt like they were genuinely paying tribute to Bob Pollard, like in the lovely acoustic song “Living In The City”. Now, “So Busted” is a completely different thing, but it still sounds like the more refined iterations of Guided By Voices. It’s a gentle, bittersweet tune and it goes to show that there are many sides to Culture Abuse that haven’t been unearthed yet. If “So Busted” is an indicator of what’s to come from Culture Abuse, we’re in for a glorious ride.

Listen to "So Busted" below and find out more about Culture Abuse on Facebook.


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  1. Mary 05/09/2017 at 10:48 am #

    Its always a delight to discover a new band with a unique sound, and to see their career heading in the right direction with a label deal – particularly with such a influential label as Epitaph! Culture Abuse is sure to be booked solid for gigs in the months to come. Thanks for sharing this!

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